Top Products That Are Shopped Online


Online shopping has become the new trend in shopping and people have well accepted and more than accepting, they have even become obsessed with the concept of Online Shopping. The product range offered on the online shopping market is rather endless and a person can find anything from pin to plane on the Internet. Online shopping is no more an area for just the prosperous but has created an equal and fair opportunity for the rich and poor to shop alike. You have products starting from just Rs.10 listed on the online shopping market. This scenario actually encourages almost each and everyone who has a basic Internet knowledge to try out online Shopping.

Moreover in recent days, online shopping has also penetrated into the reselling category, where the business model has shifted from just B-to-C (Business to Customer) to a C-to-C (Customer to Customer) model. For enabling this C-to-C model, companies have come up with online sites that act as a platform and a linking factor between the seller and buyer. With the emergence of many online payment portals, the payment factor has also become a safe and easier healthkart job.         

Top products traded online:

While speaking about the products that are traded via online shopping, the list actually goes endless. You name it you get it.  But the top most traded products online includes:

Mobile Phones & Accessories:

With the growing popularity of mobile phones and the introduction of newer models in the market, people tend to purchase them a lot. This has not just become a necessity but has become a product to measure the status of a person. This category alone holds around 40% of the entire online shopping market.

Clothing, Footwear & Accessories:

Next to mobiles, people give a lot of importance to the dress they wear and they always yearn to be in tune with the latest trend. Your wardrobe might be full, but when a new fashion hits the market, you tend to purchase them instantly and adorn your wardrobe. This is the reason why this category occupies around 20% of the online shopping market.

Consumer Durables & Household Electronic Equipments:

These are the products that enhance the beauty and the elegance of the house. With a lot of comfort and ease delivering products invented day-in and day-out, people tend to update their old products with the latest ones. And they have found online shopping the best place to keep up with the latest trend. This has accounted for this taking a 14% share in the online market.


Other Electronic Equipments:

With the digitalization on the go, the need for more number of electronic products has become inevitable. PC’s, laptops, gadgets and many more have started to decide the worth and stature of a person. People who have been obsessed with these worldly pleasures tend to own the best and latest in the market.

Home Furnishings & Embellishments:

Nowadays people tend to spend a lot on the beautification process of their house. They feel that the house they reside is the best way to portray their sense of style and elegance; hence they keep designing and re-designing their house to give a new outlook and to give it a refreshing look.

Books & Videos:

Earlier days people tend to spend a lot of time searching for their favorite books from their favorite authors but with the advent of online shopping, people find it very easy to find out their favorite books online and also have an option to purchase either a new copy or to buy a gently used copy and save reasonable money. Also coming to the videos, people find online shopping a reliable and the best option to choose from an extensive range of products.

Handbags & Fashion Accessories:

With the brand fever possessing everyone, people tend to shop for products based on their brand value. This has led a lot of people shop their favorite products from their favorite brands online. And when coming to fashion, it is rather a never-ending phenomena and it keeps re-inventing itself. This leads to people purchase a lot of fashion accessories to match their costumes and maintain a social stature.

With more and more of products added to the online shopping market, people tend to go digital for various simple as well as complex reasons.



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